Make it simple, but no simpler.    -Albert Einstein

Keep-It-Simple-Stupid                -Programmer, Anon.

Wildtype-based lab tracking systems use web server/servlet architecture. This strategy allows lab technicians and analysts to see each other's changes immediately, improves performance, and simplifies LIMS deployment and administration.

Clients may be web browsers, desktop apps, mobile apps, instruments or any other network-aware software capable of sending an HTTP POST message with XML content and reading an XML-formatted reply from the LIMS server.

Data integrity is assured by a back-end JDBC/ODBC-compliant relational database management system hosting Wildtype LIMS core tables ("RDBMS"; for example, Microsoft SQL Server). Wildtype's handful of core database tables are 'write' optimized for speed. Custom database tables may be 'read' optimized to support a complex lab process or for better report performance.

At each layer, Wildtype evaluates technology options for reliability, speed, and ease of maintenance for our customers. The result is rugged simplicity that works -- and also adapts quickly as needs change.